Funeral services are a time of grieving and reflection for the loved ones of those who have passed. Although gifts may not be expected, they can be a thoughtful way to show support during this difficult time. 

While you may look at these items and think that they are not that unusual, the truth is, in a solemn event like a funeral, you don’t need anything fancy to give someone who lost their loved ones. Making a memorable gift is about personalization and making it all about the person you are memorializing.

So, here are ten creative gift ideas that can provide comfort and show respect during funeral services: 

A Memorial Book 

Customize a hardcover book with photos, memories, and stories of the deceased. You can make this further creative by adding Easter eggs to the whole book. You can add some trivia about the deceased or share some fond memories between the lines or pages. 

This way, you can make your remembrance of the person you lost to be something of a rediscovery of all the things they loved while they were still with you.

Photo Frames

We get that photo frames are among the most boring things you can give, even in different situations. These old-fashioned gifts need to retire, right? Not quite yet.

What you can do is go to the places the departed loved to go and pick something there to use as an ornament to the photo frame. If they loved a particular beach, getting shells and sticking them to the frame would be a great way to commemorate them.

Use a Custom Portrait

Instead of using a digital and printed out portrait of the deceased, have a custom portrait maker create a high-quality portrait for your loved one. Memorialize Art is a great website that offers various options to commemorate someone in your life.

Custom Candles

Send an elegant candle to light up during the service or afterward as a reminder of the deceased.

To personalize a candle, you can pick their favorite scent and have a custom candle maker make a batch of scented candles. Then you can also sell the candles and send all the profits to the deceased’s favorite charity or foundation.

Memory Box

Put together a memory box filled with items that were meaningful to the deceased, such as mementos from trips, awards, and photos. 

Sympathy Bouquet 

Send an arrangement of flowers or plants for the family to display in the home in honor of their loved one. 

It would be best if you could use the departed’s favorite flowers or plants for the bouquet. Even if they like cacti and succulents, why not make a bouquet of those? Even while in heaven, the departed will appreciate your effort.

Customized Plaque

Have a custom-made plaque featuring the deceased’s name and a meaningful quote or message of remembrance. 

Make the plaque a symbol of remembrance and inspiration of how great of an impact the person has left in your life.

Gift Basket 

Put together a basket filled with items such as snacks, books, and tea to help those mourning relax and comfort them during this difficult time. Make sure that all items are wholesome and do not come as insensitive.

Charitable Donation

If the loved one was passionate about a particular charity, make a donation in their name to show your support and respect for the cause. In line with the idea above, if you can’t sell anything, making a direct donation will be a great way to commemorate them as well. 

Customized Jewelry 

Have a piece of jewelry such as a necklace or bracelet custom-made with the deceased’s initials or other meaningful symbols as a keepsake. If it’s possible, you can also ask if you can turn the deceased ashes into a meaningful memorial pendant.

Personalized Blanket

Have a blanket personalized with the deceased’s name and a message of love and remembrance to help keep them close even after they are gone. 

If You Can’t Send a Gift

No matter what you choose to give, always remember that the most important thing is your presence during the funeral services. The simple act of being there to show support and understanding speaks louder than any gift ever could. Your presence will be a great source of comfort for the family and friends who have suffered a devastating loss. 

Remembering Your Loved One the Creative Way

Funerals are a difficult time for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. Grieving family and friends often need some form of comfort, which is why many people choose to give gifts in honor of the deceased. But when it comes to selecting an appropriate gift, it can be difficult to know what to give at a funeral. Hopefully, these ten creative gift ideas can provide some inspiration for expressing your condolences in a respectful and meaningful way. 

No one who has passed in this life should be easily forgotten. Cherish your lost love by memorializing their art through our services here at Memorialize Art. We offer stunning, lasting pieces that honor them in a way no other tribute can – for years to come, the memory of your beloved will remain alive.