Having a pet is one of life’s greatest joys. Whether you have a dog or a cat or a hamster, all these animals create a bond so strong that we can’t help but keep buying things for them! Did you know that there are nearly 29 million pets in Australia today?

If you have a pet, you’d know how much they love to play around with us. In order to make their playtime more fun and exciting, here are ten fun items you can buy.

1. Dog sofa

If your little pup wants to cuddle somewhere during the winters, your bed might be a great place but you should still buy something that it can call it’s own. The Wentworth Tufted dog sofa is a recliner that’s perfect for any dog breed. It costs $399 and is made on a solid wooden frame. Amazing, right?

2. Sushi cat toy

If you have a cute little kitty, this set of sushi toys will be great for it! It’s available on Etsy and costs around $14 or so. Made from completely organic and eco-friendly materials, the toys come in a variety of shapes. From tuna to salmon and from eggs to shrimp- your cat can play with all kinds of food soft toys now!

3. Smart dog collar

The Link AKC Smart dog collar on Amazon is a great way to keep a track of your pet’s activities. It has a smart GPS tracker that you can pair with the Link AKC app. So if your baby gets lost, you can easily locate it within minutes! You can even track your dog’s daily activity levels and monitor its wellness.

4. Barkbox treat box

If you’re tired of running to the pet store and buying treats and toys for your little one frequently, there’s a solution for that. Barkbox is a gift that any dog and its owner is going to love. For a monthly subscription, you can now receive a box of treats and toys made according to your pup’s size and breed. The boxes arrive every month and even come with free toys!

5. Electronic cat toy

Want to train your cat to be a good hunter? Then get this interactive electronic cat toy from Amazon. A prey-shaped plushie keeps popping out of a random hole in the disc and your cat automatically tries to catch it. It not only makes your cat faster and more alert but is also a great way to keep it engaged. It has both a fast and a slow mode for your little one’s comfort.

6. Jumper

The DogKnit Feathered Jumper from Maxbone is one of the comfiest jumpers you can gift to your dog or cat in the winter. It’s fluffy, bright, and comfortable. So your pet will love wearing it no matter what the season is! Loved by dozens of pet parents, the Maxbone jumper will make your pet 100% Insta Worthy!

7. Macarons

Want some dog-friendly snacks? Then get the Bonne et Filou handmade macarons from Amazon. They’re made of completely natural ingredients like oat flour, yoghurt, and honey. Since they are made in small batches, you can be assured that each macaron is absolutely fresh and healthy. For small breeds, chop the macarons into smaller pieces and serve them!

8. Wagwear Wellies

If you live in a cold climate, you’ll need to protect your pet’s paws from the harsh winters. The Wagwear Wellies from Zappos are the ideal paw-gloves out there. Made of 100% rubber, they keep the paws clean and dry when you take your pooch for a walk outdoors. It costs $49 and you can wash it easily with soap and water.

9. Automatic litter box

This is a gift for both you and your cat! The Scoopfree Automatic litter box from Chewy is a self-cleaning box that you can leave for days or weeks at a time. With disposable litter trays, you now don’t have to get your hands messy!

10. Canister

To store yummy treats for your pet, buy the Vice Puppy canister from Jonathan Adler. The elegantly-striped box is definitely a treat to the eyes and can keep the food fresh for weeks. Keep it on your bedside table or in the kitchen, the jar looks gorgeous anywhere!

Over to you…

These ten fun pet items can be really great additions to your house and are pocket-friendly too. After all, our pets are forever our little babies- we can never get enough of spoiling them, right?