Text messages and WordPress push notifications are the best ways to market your app. But for a better reach, nothing can beat push notifications. Read the full story here. 


What if you reach your audience directly instead of through various marketing channels? 

Why use either to get started? 

Undoubtedly, social media, email marketing, guest posts, blog posts, and various channels are smart and effective strategies to reach the targeted audience. But the drawback of all these requires little effort from your audience to reach you.

For instance, you’re using Facebook ads to target an audience. Your customers can reach you only if they log in to their account and check the newsfeed. Instead, your efforts get wasted. 

There’s why marketers now believe in two awesome strategies, which are SMS and WordPress Push Notifications. However, they both have a big difference. 

And if you ask me which is better? My vote goes to Push Notifications. 

In this article, I will walk you through SMS vs. Push notifications and 10 factors that indicate you should invest in push notifications more than text messages. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Text Messages Vs. WordPress Push Notifications- The Difference!

Let’s begin with an introduction!

SMS, short text messages, allows the user to send messages up to 160 characters in length. Many companies and organizations use SMS to send special offers, sales discounts, sales alerts, etc.  

Push notifications are the brief messages that are pushed through an application that the user has already installed. They do not require an application to start receiving messages. This is directly displayed on the user’s mobile or desktop.

In short, Push notifications are the direct way to reach a targeted audience, whilst SMS is indirect. 

In today’s digital era, the marketer needs to invest in direct sales marketing that just pushes the user to buy from you. However, I am not saying SMS can be avoidable. But for better growth, you need to list your priorities. 

10 Factors Why WordPress Push Notifications Are Better Than SMS

#1 Push Notifications Are Smart Choice For Sending Updates

SMS do send for sending updates, but push notifications can make them mind-boggling and create a sense of urgency among users that SMS can’t do. Another plus point of push notification is that it helps to get back your customers if you send them a perfect call-to-action.

Even studies have shown push notifications can increase conversion rate by 4X more than SMS. And this is why push notifications stand out from the crowd. In addition, SMS has less open rate than WooCommerce push notifications like 50% off, promo deals, etc. 

#2 Push Notifications Can Be Personalized Whilst SMS Can’t

Based on your user’s interests, gender, locations, and behaviour, you can send them a personalized message that creates relevancy. So they take seconds to give you a lead. Even though, Push notifications have a proven track record of driving traffic and conversion. On the other side, SMS has less conversion rate since it can’t be personalized much. 

#3 Push Notifications Deliver Straight To User’s Mobile

SMS text messages go straight to the user’s phone’s inbox. Here user doesn’t need to download or use a special tool to read the messages. Also, the recipient can read the message anytime, and anywhere he or needs. 

On the other side, push notifications allow users to read the message straight on their home screen. If you do it correctly, the messages can’t be ignored. Instead, they work and increase conversions.

#4 Push Notifications Audience Vs SMS

SMS and Push notifications serve different audiences. If your ultimate goal is to increase customer retention, engagement, sales, and revenue, push notifications are the good way to go. On the other side, if you want to make horizontal communications with customers, SMS is the best. 

Depending on your audience and business requirements, push notifications, and SMS can be used effectively. All you need to know is the right way to implement them. 

#5 Push Notifications Is Less Intrusive Marketing Strategy Than SMS

Many marketers believe push notifications as a less intrusive marketing strategy because a message can be delivered without interrupting the current activity of a user and never incur the additional cost. Plus, businesses do not need opt-in consent to send push notifications since users have already downloaded your app. In addition, Push is not regulated by Federal Communications Commission. Thus, there will be fewer limitations.

Another advantage is that push notifications are not restricted to content length, whereas text messages are bound to write within 160 characters with spaces.

#6 Push Notifications Boost App Engagement Than Text Messages 

A solid push notifications strategy can help you increase app engagement since it establishes a direct way of communicating with your customers. This allows the company to interact with its customers even when they are not using your app. Moreover, push notifications are easier to use. All users have to do is tap on notifications, and the user directly goes to the linked URL. In contrast to SMS, users have to put effort into going to the store and knowing the updates. 

#8 Difference In Sending Push Notifications And SMS Messages

Push Notifications still deliver even when the customer is not using your app. You can use any technology such as geo-targeting to ensure you’re reaching them out at the correct times with a suitable method. 

In contrast to SMS, they have its perks. They are free from the internet but restricted with a word limit, whilst Push notifications are not. SMS particularly sends travel alerts, booking confirmations, fraud alerts, etc.

#9 Push Notifications Doubles User Experience

Push notifications are also used to enhance the user experience by giving them complete information.  Even they can be used to send personalized messages like birthday wishes, festivals, and important sales offer. This grabs users’ attention and creates a strong bond with them. 

#10 Push Notifications Benefit Your Business In Various Ways

SMS are simple textual messages where one can’t implement various strategies to grab sales from customers, whilst Push notifications allow you to use various marketing tactics.

Push notifications come in various types, such as:

  • Reminder notifications
  • Alert notifications
  • Recurrent notifications
  • Geolocation notifications
  • Catch-up notifications
  • Promotional notifications
  • Purchase notifications
  • Trivia notifications
  • Feedback notifications

So, you can see with push notifications; you can get various ways to connect with the audience and enjoy higher ROI. 

Final Words

In conclusion, we can easily say that both SMS and Push notifications are the best tactics to incorporate, but for the quality leads, push notifications are good to go. What’s your opinion? Share your thoughts in the comments. I hope this post finds helpful to you.