Facebook is the largest and most popular social media platform in the world. With so many users, it can be hard to keep up with all the new features and tricks that make it easier and more enjoyable to use. There are a lot of techniques such as searching Facebook without logging In, viewing your Facebook profile as someone else would view it, or posting anonymously on Facebook. If you’re looking for new ways to maximize your Facebook experience, you’re in luck!

We’ve gathered 10 Facebook tricks and hacks that you probably didn’t know you needed. These helpful tips will make your time on Facebook more efficient and enjoyable. From using keyboard shortcuts to scheduling posts, these tricks and hacks will have you mastering the platform in no time. So, if you’re looking to get the most out of your time on Facebook, read on to find out more about these 10 tricks and hacks!

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

If you spend a lot of time on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that things can get a bit repetitive and tedious. You may find yourself spending hours scrolling through your news feed or clicking around on the site’s different features. There might also be moments when you need to do something that isn’t easy to do on the site using only your keyboard. This can be your saving grace. Facebook has a ton of keyboard shortcuts you can use to speed up your day and save you tons of time. From increasing the size of photos to zooming in on specific information, here are some simple shortcuts you can use to get things done faster.

Finding facebook friends on instagram

It is almost everybody’s question: how to find facebook friends on instagram

Actually there are different ways you can find your Facebook friends on Instagram! In this article, we will tell you one common way. 

The first step to finding your Facebook friends on Instagram is to make sure that you are logged in to both of your accounts. Once you are logged in, you will be able to see a ‘Find Facebook Friends’ option on your Instagram profile. Once you click on this, you will be able to search for your Facebook friends who are also on Instagram. You can search by name, username, or email address. Once you find the person you are looking for, you can send them a follow request.

Scheduling Posts

As you may have noticed, Facebook is an extremely visual platform. This means that images and videos take up a lot of space and can drastically decrease your Facebook news feed if you don’t have them blocked. Luckily, you can schedule posts to be visible at specific times. This is a great way to use the platform’s visual features without taking up too much space in your news feed. There are a few different ways you can schedule posts. You can create a custom schedule that you can use to post images or videos at certain times each day. Alternatively, you can set up a schedule on the Page Posting tab. This tab is found on the left side of your news feed. From here, you can choose between a daily or a weekly schedule.

Creating a Fake Account

Facebook has become a major source of social interaction for many people. You may even find yourself relying on it for important conversations and activities. When you use Facebook for this long, you inevitably start to have more interactions with people than you actually have time for. This can lead to a lot of running around trying to keep up with the people you want to talk to. This is why fake accounts are such a helpful Facebook hack. Fake accounts are simply accounts that look similar to your own account. This can help you have more time to interact with the people you actually want to talk to. This is especially helpful if you know that a friend or family member is feeling overwhelmed with the amount of time they spend on Facebook.

Turning Off Autoplay

While autoplay is a great feature that lets you view videos without having to click on them, it can also be an annoying nuisance. This is especially true if you’re viewing videos on your news feed. Autoplay means that the video you’re currently browsing will play at an accelerated speed. This can make it seem like you’re actually watching the video when it’s just scrolling through your news feed. You can prevent autoplay videos from playing by going to the video’s settings page and turning off autoplay.

Finding People Who Like Your Page

Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with old friends and meet new people. This is why it’s often referred to as a “social media” platform. This means that many of the friends you make on Facebook are just individuals that you’ve met through your social circles. This can leave you feeling like you have a ton of people to meet but not enough time to meet them all. Luckily, you can use Facebook’s unlikes feature to find out who likes your page. This feature is found on the main Facebook menu. From here, you can click on “Account Settings” and then “Privacy Shortcuts”. From here, you can click on “Unlikes” to see who actually likes your page. This can be a great way to make new connections or boost your page’s popularity.

Seeing Who Viewed Your Profile

When you like or comment on someone’s post, Facebook stores a copy of the post and your profile. If anyone views your page or profile, they’ll be able to see this post and your comment. This can leave you feeling like you don’t have enough interaction on your profile because you don’t have the most fans. Fortunately, there’s a Facebook hack that can help you out. The “who viewed my profile” feature can be found on the main Facebook menu and is located under “Privacy Shortcuts”. From here, you can click on “who viewed my profile” to see who has viewed your page or profile. This can help you see who has viewed your page so you can feel like you’re getting more likes than you actually are.

Creating Multiple Accounts

Facebook is a great place to keep in touch with family and friends. This is why it’s so important to keep a close eye on your Facebook account and use all of the features available to you. One of the best Facebook hacks you can do is create multiple accounts. This is especially helpful if you want to keep a separate profile for work or school. Facebook has a ton of features for each of these different types of profiles, so you can easily separate these profiles and have more time to use them. Facebook has a setting where you can choose which different accounts are seen when logging in. This means that you can easily create separate profiles for work, school, and personal use.

Adjusting Your News Feed

The way that Facebook shows your news feed is completely up to the company. This means that you might end up seeing tons of posts that you don’t care about at all. Luckily, Facebook has a ton of options to help you customize your feed. You can customize the type of posts you see by choosing between a visual or non-visual feed. This can help you see posts that are more appealing to your interests. You can also adjust the order of posts so that they’re displayed in the order you want to see them. This can help you see more posts without having to scroll through your news feed as much.

Utilizing Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a brand new feature that allows anyone with a smartphone to publish and share live videos from their phones. This means that you can create live videos from virtually anywhere and share them on your Facebook page. Facebook has become a great place to share live videos because you can easily create and edit videos using the Facebook mobile app. This means that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own phone to create a live video. Facebook Live has become such a popular feature because it allows users to share video content instead of just photos. Facebook video content is viewed more often than other types of content and is also shared more often than photos. Facebook Live videos are an excellent way to create and share content with your followers. You can use Facebook live to provide real-time updates, host live events, and host live Q&A sessions with your fans.


Facebook is a great platform, but the way it’s set up can be overwhelming and intimidating. These 10 hacks and tricks will help you get the most out of Facebook on the web. From scheduling posts to finding people who like your page, these hacks will help you master Facebook in no time. If you want to get the latest news and updates about social media, refer to Social Media Notes.