Hello tattoo lovers!

While deciding to get a tattoo, after you are past the dilemma of whether to get a tattoo or not, there are still two crucial decisions that remain to be taken. One is, of course, your choice of design, and the other one is where to get the tattoo and are they using best quality tattoo supplies from Kingpin Tattoo?

For women, one of the most attractive places to get a tattoo is their backs. Back tattoos have a raw and sensual appeal of their own. 

So, if you’re also considering getting one, we are here for you with 10 edgy back tattoo designs for girls and women.

  1. Big motivational quotes

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Big spine tattoos are always harder to get done, especially if they’re on a region such as your spine. But what’s life without a bit of thrill and difficulty! A tremendous motivational quote of your choice, inked across your back, would be the ultimate style statement.

  1. Lotus mandala

Image Courtesy: toptattoodesigns.com

Mandalas are one of the most loved designs for back tattoo women. Their beautiful symmetric designs symbolize peace of mind and balance. Our pick for a back tattoo would be this offbeat yet pretty lotus mandala.

  1. Free birds

Image Courtesy: tatring.com

Freedom is one of the most peaceful themes for tattoos. If you would like a tattoo that covers almost your entire back and is yet subtle and not too over-the-top, this tattoo design of birds escaping from a cage would be suitable for you.

  1. World map

Image Courtesy: tattoosbag.com

This one is for all the travel bugs and the geography lovers out there. If you’re filled with wanderlust and playing Atlas with friends used to be your favourite childhood timepass, then we have just the perfect back tattoo design for you. You could also convert this one into a bucket list by having your dream destinations coloured or marked on it. How cool is that, huh?

  1. Minimalistic

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Who doesn’t love a minimalistic tattoo? It adds to your style without being too bold or tacky. Also, its delicate design is feminine through and through. We love the one shown in this picture. You can customize this one and add any symbols that you relate to or like.

  1. Balance

Image Courtesy: nextluxury.com

For the Libran women, the control freaks, and anyone else who loves balance and order in their lives, this delicate tattoo of a balance would look unique and totally attractive on your backs.

  1. Tribal

Image Courtesy: tattoohere.com

Tribal patterns are quirky and look fierce, especially with highlights of bold colours. They are primarily symmetrical and flowy and can be drawn on various parts of your body perfectly! Our recommendation would be this wavy red and black tribal pattern.

  1. Faith

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Now this one is a no-brainer! When you’re in a fix and cannot select what simple yet meaningful tattoo to get on your back, you can go with this. God knows we could all do some more faith in our lives!

  1. Crown

Image Courtesy : Pinterest

Where are all the boss ladies at?! This one is especially for you. An ode to self-love and the realization that you are the most important person in your life and the one solely responsible for your happiness.

  1.  Dragon

Image Courtesy: tattoodeepink.com

If you do not mind some extra drama and are one for over-the-top inkings, our recommendation to you would be this fierce and gorgeous dragon tattoo sprawling across your back in its full glory. The fire it will add to your persona will be totally worth the extra trouble in making such a detailed and elaborate tattoo.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed navigating through our list of recommendations and would absolutely love if any of these help you solve your tattoo dilemmas.

Happy inking! 🙂