Cleaning is a task everyone should do wholeheartedly. It purges your space of dust and dirt that could result in illnesses, letting you inhale fresh air in the process. 

However, you might find cleaning a very excruciating task, especially if you do not have the right cleaning kit. Keep reading, and you’ll find the essential 10 cleaning tools everyone should own. Let’s dig in.

Sponges- of all kinds

A sponge is the first cleaning tool you need to create a clean atmosphere constantly. While there are different types of sponges, you should invest in the regular handy sponge that’s abrasive enough to eliminate dirt and stain. 

Then, you can consider expanding your sponge collection. Get a spaghetti sponge, sponge cloth, etc. A scrub daddy sponge would come in handy- it adjusts its texture to the temperature around it.

Cleaning Bucket

You’ll need a good bucket with a handle that can contain just enough water quantity for a cleaning spree. Buckets come in handy for a myriad of tasks. You’ll need a bucket to create your soap water mixture to mop the floor or a household machine, etc. 


Never underestimate the need for a vacuum. It always comes in handy. There are specks of dirt that you can’t get rid of using a sponge. 

For instance, you can’t get rid of pet hairs with a sponge. Plucking them off your furniture is time-consuming and counterproductive. In that case, a vacuum is your best bet. 


Truthfully, there’s no one-size-fits-all tool for cleaning. So, there are some stains that any type of sponge would be useless against. For example, you can’t wash a carpet with a sponge. 

A scrub brush is perfect for this context. You should also invest in a toothbrush. It comes in handy when eliminating nook and cranny stains and grouts. 

You don’t need to buy a new one. Simply repurpose an old one but disinfect it before using it. Another type of brush you’ll need is a toilet brush.

Dustpan, Mop, and Broom.

This combination is perfect. Think of it as the basics. Before you commence any deep cleaning, you’ll need to clean the floor surface to eliminate dust and dirt. Then, you can proceed to dip the mop in the bucket and get to clean the floor. A microfiber mop would help you save the water you use to clean your floor.

Microfiber Cloth

If you’re sensitive to scratches on surfaces, this tool is necessary. It requires little water quantity to clean the house. It also keeps your surfaces clean without leaving scratches.


This tool is an easy way to eliminate mold and mildew build-up in your shower. It is also great for keeping your windows and unreachable corners clean.

Cleaning towels

Preferably white, this tool does minor tasks like eliminating dirt from white walls and minor carpet stains.

Spray bottle

You’ll easily rinse off stains with water with the right spray bottle. You can also concoct your cleaning solution in this bottle.


If you’re particular about your skin, you’ll need a good hand glove. It’ll protect your skin from direct contact with chemicals that can damage your skin.