Valentine’s Day in Malaysia is a celebration of love and affection, and what better way to express these sentiments than through the timeless gift of flowers? This comprehensive guide highlights the top 10 Valentine’s flower delivery websites in Malaysia, each offering unique floral arrangements and services to make your Valentine’s Day special and memorable.

1. LavieFlo

At the heart of bespoke floral elegance stands LavieFlo, a premier destination for those seeking extraordinary Valentine’s Day bouquets. LavieFlo specialises in preserved flowers, offering arrangements that capture the essence of eternal love, perfect for Valentine’s sentiments. Their exquisite collection ranges from classic roses in luxurious boxes to innovative designs that blend artistic flair with natural beauty. LavieFlo’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in its meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each arrangement is not just a gift but a lasting memory.

2. BloomThis

BloomThis is renowned for its signature handcrafted bouquets and creative arrangements. Their Valentine’s Day collection includes lush, fresh flowers sourced from around the world, ensuring each bouquet is as unique as your love story. With a seamless online ordering experience and prompt delivery service, BloomThis makes it effortless to surprise your loved one with a stunning floral arrangement.

3. Pure Seed

Pure Seed offers a wide range of elegant floral designs, from classic red roses to mixed bouquets, perfect for expressing love on Valentine’s Day. Their emphasis on quality and freshness guarantees that each bouquet brings joy and beauty to your special someone. Pure Seed also offers same-day delivery within Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, making last-minute surprises possible.

4. 50Gram

50Gram is a popular choice for its innovative approach to flower gifting. Each bouquet comes with a unique QR code that links to a personalised video message, adding a personal touch to your Valentine’s gift. Their diverse range of floral arrangements caters to different styles and preferences.

5. Happy Bunch

Happy Bunch excels in creating simple yet impactful floral arrangements that are both affordable and stylish. They focus on fresh, seasonal flowers, ensuring each bouquet is a delightful surprise. Their approach is straightforward but thoughtful, making them a great choice for those who appreciate understated elegance. Additionally, Happy Bunch offers the convenience of free delivery services across the Klang Valley, making it easier to spread joy and love on Valentine’s Day.

6. Weng Hoa Flower Boutique

Weng Hoa Flower Boutique skillfully blends traditional floral craftsmanship with contemporary design elements. Their Valentine’s collection is a testament to their versatility, featuring a mix of local and imported flowers. Customers can choose from classic rose arrangements to more exotic and unique floral selections. Weng Hoa is committed to delivering fresh, high-quality arrangements that are sure to impress, embodying both beauty and artistic expression.

7. Flower Chimp

Flower Chimp stands out for its diverse range of floral arrangements, catering to a wide array of preferences and styles. Whether you’re in search of romantic roses, bright sunflowers, or sophisticated lilies, Flower Chimp offers options for every taste. Their reliable delivery service ensures that your Valentine’s Day surprise arrives on time and in perfect condition. Flower Chimp’s dedication to variety and quality makes it a go-to for memorable floral gifts.

8. A Better Florist

A Better Florist is known for its prompt and efficient flower delivery service. They excel in offering modern, chic floral designs that appeal to those looking to make a bold statement. Their collection features vibrant and fresh blooms, curated to create stunning arrangements that stand out. The express delivery option ensures that your Valentine’s Day gesture is not only beautiful but also timely, making A Better Florist an excellent choice for last-minute surprises.

9. MyFlowerFlorist

MyFlowerFlorist offers an extensive selection of floral arrangements and complementary gift baskets, making it a versatile choice for Valentine’s Day. Their offerings range from traditional bouquets to more innovative arrangements, catering to all kinds of preferences. They emphasise quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring each delivery meets their high standards. With the option of same-day delivery, MyFlowerFlorist is ideal for both planned and spontaneous Valentine’s Day celebrations.

10. Giftr

Giftr differentiates itself by providing a comprehensive gifting experience, not just limited to flowers. Alongside a variety of floral arrangements, they offer an assortment of chocolates, personalised items, and other thoughtful gifts. This makеs Giftr a convеniеnt onе-stop shop for all your Valеntinе’s Day nееds,  allowing you to crеatе a customisеd and multifacеtеd gift packagе that’s surе to dеlight your lovеd onе.  Thеir еxpansivе rangе catеrs to a widе array of tastеs and prеfеrеncеs,  еnsuring thеrе’s somеthing for еvеryonе. 


Choosing thе right flowеr dеlivеry sеrvicе for Valеntinе’s Day in Malaysia can makе all thе diffеrеncе in convеying your lovе and affеction. Each of these top 10 websites offers unique floral solutions, ensuring that your message of love is both beautiful and unforgettable. Whether you prefer traditional roses, exotic blooms, or preserved flowers, these services cater to all tastes and preferences, making your Valentine’s Day truly special.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What Makes Preserved Flowers Special for Valentine’s Day?

Preserved flowers, like those offered by LavieFlo, retain their beauty for much longer than fresh flowers. They symbolise lasting love and are perfect for those looking to make a lasting impression on Valentine’s Day. These flowers undergo a special preservation process, maintaining their natural appearance and texture for months or even years.

Can I Get Same-Day Delivery for Valentine’s Day Flowers?

Many flower delivery services, including Pure Seed and MyFlowerFlorist, offer same-day delivery within specific areas in Malaysia. It’s advisable to place your order early to ensure availability and timely delivery, especially during the busy Valentine’s season.

How Do I Choose the Right Flower Arrangement for My Partner?

Consider your partner’s preferences in terms of colour and flower types. Traditional choices like red roses symbolise love and romance, but you can also opt for something unique to reflect your partner’s personality. Services like BloomThis and 50Gram offer a variety of creative arrangements for a more personalised touch.

Are There Eco-Friendly Flower Gifting Options?

Yes, some florists focus on eco-friendly practices, offering organic or locally sourced flowers to reduce environmental impact. When choosing a florist, look for those who emphasise sustainability in their sourcing and delivery processes.

What Additional Gifts Can I Pair with Flowers?

Many flower delivery services, like Giftr, offer additional gift options such as chocolates, personalised items, or gift baskets. Pairing flowers with a thoughtful extra gift can make your Valentine’s Day present even more special.

How Can I Ensure the Quality of Online Flower Orders?

Look for florists with good customer reviews and a reputation for quality. Most top-rated flower delivery websites, like those listed in this guide, ensure the freshness and quality of their arrangements and provide customer satisfaction guarantees.