While it can be really tempting to make your audience read, know that there is a very small chunk of information, they would retain. 

In fact, most of us, rarely retain the knowledge from what we read. Most people can only remember 20% of the text they consume. 

What’s worth our knowledge as marketers is that we humans can retain 80% or even more of what we see. Visuals are immensely powerful! 

As a marketer, you don’t want to overlook the power of visuals in your content. Plus, the customers of today are more into social and video content. 

Perhaps that is why there has been a strong presence of social and video content in the communication mix of most successful brands. 

Being a growth aspirant, that makes investing in video content creation all worth your money. 

To help you navigate the best options for creating video content, we’ll share top 10 training video production companies. 

Companies we share here are the best in business. So, follow along if you’re really interested in curating quality video content for training. 

  1. BuzzFlick

BuzzFlick is an award-winning brand and among the top training video production agencies. The studio has a clientele that spans across five different countries. 

Corporate trainings are made ridiculously easier with compelling video art and awe-inspiring animations that are not just engaging, but highly effective in educating the viewer. 

The team is lauded for communicating their vision through video-form content in the most thriving and powerful fashion. 

They have bagged more than 600+ successful projects related to training video production. 

They have a bunch of some exceptional storyboard artist, animators, illustrators, scriptwriters, and seasoned creatives. 

BuzzFlick is based in the US. As a video animation agency, they specialize in 2D, 3D animation, modeling, typography, and corporate training video production. 

  1. Epipheo

Known for their laser-focused brand orientation, Epipheo features a team of qualified video specialists whose expertise have helped them bag some of the finest clients. 

They specialize content creation around e-learning courses, educational videos, training video content as well as explainer videos. Epipheo is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  1. Topline Film

Topline Film is an elite video creation studio having worked with Microsoft, University of Cambridge, Financial Times and Siemens. 

They’re a London-based studio with a team of creators eyeing for content that is impactful. The array of services spans across testimonials, high-converting social adverts, testimonials, and even case studies. 

They’re also known for creating comprehensive tutorials. 

  1. Wyzowl

Wyzowl has had an entire decade of dominance in the niche of video content. Having completed over 3000+ successful projects both for small and enterprise-level clients, their team is full of dedicated specialists. 

Some of the top clients include Amazon, LG and Kodak. What has helped them to sweep in more clients, overtime, are fixed prices and transparent client correspondence. 

  1. Creamy Animation

Another prime name in training video production is Creamy Animation. Based in Vancouver, they are known for corporate training video production. 

Video content specialists have immaculate presentation skills. They emphasize the idea of simplifying complex things. 

  1. Skeleton

There is a wide array of services on offer. You can have animated explainers, tutorials, 3D animation services, TVCs, scenario-based training and case studies. 

Their team of creative professionals focus on strategy, production and marketing for brands. All that happens through video content delivery. Skeleton are based in Nottingham. 

  1. Bold Content

If there’s one studio that fascinates audiences with its amazing storytelling, is Bold Content. 

Located in London, the agency has joined hands with Coca Cola, Heineken and Astra Zeneca and contributed to one of their most successful campaigns. They specialize in animations, interviews, promotional content and case studies. 

  1. Demo Duck

A company with video content as their core focus, has been able to drive business success for several enterprises. 

Creators at Demo Duck, which is an American company, eye for humanizing content creation. The company also features a vlog tutorial to educate you on video creation. 

However, the tutorials focus on the basics only. So, if you’re looking for premium video creation, go for a training video production company.  

  1. Animation Explainers

Animation Explainers are a big name in training video production. The value delivery happens through engaging audience with short-form video content that has breathtaking animations. 

Cryptocurrency, medical services and Fintech are major niches where they serve the most customers. 

  1. Explain Ninja

Explain Ninja offers an extensive range of animation video creation services. Specialization includes 3D and 2D animation videos, voice-over, illustrations and storyboards. The content in the video is highly engaging and outstanding. 

How to pick the right training video production company?

Before you reach out to these amazing companies mentioned above, set aside some time to do the following. Doing the following will help you be clear about what you need and who can deliver it with the most value to your business.

Look for skills

To start, look for skilled video specialists. You may do the following;

  • Tap multiple companies and ask if they’ve training video specialists
  • Inquire if they’ve worked on the same niche
  • Ask them to share testimonials and contact info
  • Tap previous clients for feedback or recommendation
  • Make up your mind

Set a realistic deadline

You need to set a realistic deadline for your project. It will help you with;

  • Making arrangements for equipment
  • Allotting more time for shooting on multiple locations
  • Having more time and space to do editing and revision
  • Ensuring consistent workflow to keep costs low

Finalize budget

To get the project done successfully, tap the best training video production companies. 

  • Find out ongoing market prices for a similar project
  • Ask for quotes from multiple agencies
  • Set a realistic budget
  • Discuss thoroughly about the complexity of your project
  • Evaluate your options and make a decision

Note: Training video production has immense potential to drive business success. Consider the costs from an investment standpoint. Above all, you as an entrepreneur want to yield the best ROI.  

In Conclusion

We hope this list of best training video production companies will be of great help to you. Next time when you’re planning to hire any video production company for your training video project, consider this list to save your time.