Is there any other way to spiff up your neck with a gold chain? However fashion is ever-lasting, it is crucial to have a few timeless men’s accessories you can embrace with almost any outfit and raise your personality. Even if you are feeling a little dull, a gold chain or a gold bracelet for men is considered to be the perfect way of fusing a little persona into your look.

Never de-emphasize the power of this accessory, it is highly versatile and elegant. Suitable for daily wear, formal wear, party wear, a gold chain is perfect for any occasion. 

Gold chains are available in various styles. The options are endless. Are you looking for white gold rope chains, rose gold, or yellow gold chains? A chunky bracelet or a more sophisticated gold bracelet? To help you choose the accessory of your dreams, we are sharing with you the best gold chain and gold bracelets for men to make you stand out in any room.

10 best gold chains and bracelets for men

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If you are looking to update your jewelry collection, gold chains are the perfect option. Check out our following gold chain necklaces that will make you feel like royalty.

1. 14k gold rope chain

The gold rope chain is one of the most exquisite types of chain. It consists of chain links with a twisting pattern that resembles an actual rope. All thanks to their eye-catching twisting pattern as they reflect light brilliantly from all sides. Thus rope chain is considered the shiniest, most lustrous, and lavish type of chain. Check out our collection of 14k gold rope chains on our website at very affordable prices.

2. Figaro chain

Figaro chain originated from Italy is among the most popular chains. It is a quite fancier chain, yet it has a pretty simple design. The chain consists of oval links. The design has one long flattened link that is then followed by 2-3 shorter links. Figaro chains are very solid and durable because they are made up of thick wire. 

3. Box chain

As the name suggests, “boxy”. Box chains have square links that give the box chain its name. It is widely known that they are one of the sturdiest types of chains because of their interlinking wires and box-shaped features. They cannot break easily and can be easily worn in your day-to-day life. These chains last for a longer time if cared for properly and maintained well. 

4. Cable chain

Cable chains are the most common and most recommended type of chain. A cable chain features a series of uniform links either oval or round links. Every link is connected to the other, forming a spectacular chain made for refinement and functionality. This style can also be called a ring or connector chain. If you want to go simple or wear statement pieces, choose a cable chain for a perfect drop. 

5. Anchor chain

Anchor chains are a great choice of chains for men who are all sea lovers. They are also called marine chains. It features round links and flattened links similar to cable chains but slightly gives a chunkier look. The chain links have horizontal thick ovals and have a metal bar in the middle. This type of chain, that are typically used by sailors to set their anchors, is available in different widths.

6. 10k gold chains

A classic piece of gold chain is an accent piece of jewelry that any man can add to his jewelry box. Even if this is not something that you wear with every outfit, it is a must-have jewelry accessory for any well-dressed guy. You can add 10k gold chains to your wardrobe without any doubt. Believe it when we say men can look stunning by wearing gold chains. You just have to be confident.

7. Cuban link chain

They are also called the Miami Cuban link chain. This type of curb link chain is known for its twisted and interlocking links. It is one of the most prized gold chains because of its masculine structure. As they are durable, they make an investment that will last for long years. They are most popular among rappers for their bulk and masculinity.


Like any other jewelry, bracelets are also a part of a fashionable man’s wardrobe collection. Bracelets emphasize your overall look. Here are some of the best styles that are in use today:

8. 10k gold bracelets

10k gold bracelets are the most upscale style of men’s bracelets. Since you change your attire daily, you must go for bracelets that can work well with your personality. So 10k gold bracelets are among those that will naturally complement every outfit easily. Pair it with simple yet elegant clothes and let the bracelet do the talking every time it flashes from underneath your cuffs.

9. Diamond bracelets

In this modern era, diamond bracelets for men are a stand-out accessory. Our undeniable men’s diamond bracelets add an extra dimension of style to your daily ensemble. They are stylish, elegant and an easy-to-wear accessory that can go with different occasions. At So Icy Jewelry, we offer a fair bit of different variety of styles and designs at very good and affordable prices. Do checkout on our website. Select your favorite style and you are ready to go.

10. Macrame bead bracelets

When you want something a little flashy and swagger, you can go with macrame bead bracelets. They have a good feature of being very easy to personalize. So Icy Jewelry offers a huge selection of men’s macrame bead bracelets at good prices. If you are looking to buy a set of affordable and lasting macrame bead bracelets, then you are at the right place. 


We hope this guide helps you with your next purchase. When you are looking at an important purchase like a gold chain or a gold bracelet, it is advisable to make sure that you only buy it from a trustworthy vendor. At So Icy Jewelry you will get 100% authentic products and they can pass any industry-standard testing. 

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