Most people listen to music, but for others, music is life. Whether they play an instrument, make their own music, or are always listening to the latest album release, someone who loves music surrounds themselves with it.

Of course, you want to buy them a gift that they’ll love and remember. But gift-giving is not easy, especially when it comes to matching someone’s specific tastes. If their playlists have rock, rap, indie, musicals, or any combination in between, you can still give them their favorite gift every time.

Check out this guide on the best gifts for music lovers. One or more of these are sure to wow them!

1. MusicIQ Party Game

Any music lover that has a great knowledge of music will love this party game meant to test their music IQ. The Helvetiq Music IQ Party Game is a trivia game that tests music knowledge spanning from the sixties to the present day.

But they can also play with people who might not have a ton of music knowledge since it is a team-based game. This is a great gift for anyone who loves music and game night.

2. Album Cover Art

Most music lovers have a favorite album. Whether they’ve had it for years or it’s a recent release, there’s probably an album that they will always go back to listening to. Give them a gift that shows off that album.

Find a print or hire an artist to make a mockup of the album cover art for your music lover to frame and display in their home. It can also feature a list of songs from the album.

3. New Headphones and Accessories

You can find most music lovers nodding their heads or singing along to the music. There’s a good chance they have music playing for most of the day. Consider getting them new headphones and accessories to go along with it.

For on-the-go, they will like new AirPods and decorative AirPod cases. And when they want to disappear into the music, noise-canceling headphones are the best option. This is a gift they’re sure to use a lot.

4. Record Cleaning Kit

People who love records take really good care of them. Keeping them in mint condition ensures that the sound quality remains high. And part of maintenance is keeping a record clean and dust-free.

But you can’t use just any towel and cleaner to remove dust from your record. That’s why you should get a music lover a record cleaning kit. It has specialized products and cleaning tools to take optimal care of their records.

5. Songwriting Journal

Music writers always have melodies and lyrics running through their heads. And they often need to jot them down quickly before they disappear forever. A songwriting journal can be a great option for anyone who likes to write their own music.

Songwriting journals have bars for musical notes as well as lines for written lyrics. Be sure to also supply plenty of pencils so they can make changes.

6. Concert Tickets

Concert tickets are a must for anyone who loves live music. Many people go to concerts multiple times a year or even a few times a month. And if their favorite artist is touring, they’ll definitely want to see them.

Check out the upcoming concerts in nearby cities to grab concert tickets they’ll be able to look forward to. If you can get pit or front-row seats, that’s even better.

7. Waterproof Speaker

When someone loves music, they want to listen to it everywhere. Give a music lover a waterproof speaker so they won’t have to go without their favorite songs when they’re in the shower, on the beach, or hiking.

Make sure it’s durable, has Bluetooth capabilities, and controls on the speaker for the best experience. Waterproof speakers come in a variety of sizes, so they can be portable or sit poolside.

8. Favorite Song Art

Everyone has a song they play on repeat. A song that has memories associated with them. A song they’ll say is their favorite when asked.

Get a music lover art that commemorates their favorite song. There are plenty of artists who specialize in making this kind of personalized art.

Get the lyrics to their favorite song printed in an artful way. Or have a personalized vinyl record with all of their favorites made. This is also a great gift for couples who love music.

9. Record Club Membership

What better gift is there than the gift of new music? If you know an avid record collector, don’t risk giving them one that they may never play. Instead, give them a record club membership.

With a record club membership, they’ll have access to thousands of records, from current hits to old favorites. The music lover in your life will be able to choose which records they want to receive and have them show up on their doorstep every month.

10. A New Instrument

Know someone who’s been wanting to take up a new instrument or upgrade their current one? Their perfect gift would be a new instrument so they can continue to make music of the highest quality.

Whether it’s a new piano, guitar, or flute, they’ll be ecstatic to open up a gift with a sparkly new instrument. Don’t forget to get them the accessories to maintain and play the instrument, like a music stand or amplifier.

Finding the Best Gifts for Music Lovers

Always having their headphones on or strumming on a guitar; those who love music consider it a major part of their life. And when someone has an interest so passionate, you want to support them with gifts surrounding that passion.

Finding the right gift can be difficult, no matter who you’re shopping for, but the process can only be made even harder when you have to factor in individual tastes. But this guide to gifts for music lovers can make it easy to find something they’ll love no matter what their favorite genre is.

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