As businesses strive to better leverage the latest technologies and respond to shifts in the marketplace, their marketing strategies are constantly evolving. Here at The Sign Doctor, we strive to provide support by amplifying the exposure needed in your business, of course, in the best way possible. Let’s learn the 10 Best Facts About Outdoor Signs and how they can affect your growing business.

Outdoor Signs are in demand. 

Whether a business is new or has been around for a considerable length of time, outdoor signs are among the most common signs that are ordered from us. For most businesses, an outdoor sign is one of the primary forms of advertising to a local audience. It allows customers to quickly assess the feel of the business and suggests its popularity among other residents. 

Provide guidance and safety to the public.

Though we may not frequently realize it, outdoor office signs are crucial in ensuring our safety and guidance as we go about our daily lives. The main objective of custom outdoor signs is to provide individuals with the information they need at the appropriate time and place for safety and guidance. It plays an important role in filling in the queries on their mind when they see your signage.

They say a lot about your business. 

68% believe that a company’s logo and signage can reflect the quality of its product or services. Given this kind of signage is displayed outside the premises, it is only natural that it is the first thing that people notice. Eight out of ten consumers, or about 76 percent, claim to have entered a store or place of business they had never been to before based only on how they got amused by its sign. Therefore, you need a custom outdoor sign that’s visually appealing and instantly gives a good impression. 

Outdoor signs are weather-proof.

Worst case scenario to happen to your signs is getting blown away around the neighborhood of Woburn by intense winter storm. No one would want to experience that, right? You have to remember that weather is a key factor for outdoor office signs. Choose outdoor metal signs as a material that can withstand any natural phenomenon it may encounter.

Low Maintenance.

Custom outdoor signs require minor regular maintenance. Compared to conventional solutions, they require less maintenance due to their efficiency and prolonged lifespan. They don’t need to be cleaned all the time, it hardly flames up, and they do their job well of marketing your business effortlessly.

Impossible Not to Get Noticed.

Outdoor office signs are usually big for their structure. It can display aspects of your brand, the name of your company, and other crucial information that could attract potential consumers. You can easily represent the ideals and mission of your business through them because they may be created in practically any way. Make it more impossible to get noticed by adding LED lights to create additional pleasing effect available at The Sign Doctor.


They are an affordable option and may be made in any size or form. You may select from cut vinyl, wood, aluminum, acrylic, or outdoor metal signs- depending on the durability you’re acquiring for. There are tons of different types of outdoor signs available at The Sign Doctor. We are experts in customizing the visions of our clients and creating a finished product that surpasses their expectations.

It acts as a silent salesperson.

Your company’s custom exterior signs attract customers and contribute to spreading word of mouth about your brand without having to exert a lot of effort. Customers can identify the type of business you have, find out how they can get discounts, or learn how much things cost without even having to ask or feel clueless.

Achieve specific goals.

Custom outdoor signs can benefit you in achieving certain objectives like promoting your weekend sale, new product launch, or informing the public of your ongoing event. Placing a unique sign outdoors, especially in a good location where most of the crowd are, will definitely help you achieve your goal of converting sales.  

Long-term investment.

For some people, the idea that you won’t get any return on investing in a high-quality custom exterior sign is unsettling but in fact, it’s certainly significant smart money. Businesses that take the risk of installing an excellent sign had an average increase in sales income of 15.6%, according to research by So, don’t feel too concerned about the price. Your hesitation might turn into much cost for a mediocre one. 


The Sign Doctor will assist you in finding the ideal signage for your thriving business, regardless of the type of advertisement you’re going for. We are a full-service signage provider, so we can help with the step-by-step process of receiving your desired outdoor sign from customization, production, and installation. 

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