The Internet is one of the most effective ways to develop a business, so creating a website is a top priority. However, in order to place goods, offer services and develop a brand, you need to get a personal cell in the network, which is the server.

Some users prefer to rent dedicated servers at while others prefer to buy. Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. Also, the choice of one of the two alternatives will depend on the characteristics of a particular business.

If you want to decide  which hosting is better to choose for the site, pay attention to the features of the Internet project. In particular, the type of portal, load, amount of content and the engine used are important. In any case, according to the specific needs of the project, you can choose the appropriate option.


Everyone can make a purchase of a server, the only restrictions will be related to financial costs. But such a decision is far from always justified, therefore, before making it, it is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons. So, it really makes sense to buy a server if the following factors are present:

  • plans to create a full-fledged virtual infrastructure of the company – if you want to create a file, mail and web server, domain and local zones in the future, the purchase may be appropriate;
  • opening an online project with large amounts of content – if you plan to post a lot of video clips, photos, music, movies and other “heavy” files on the site, you should think about purchasing a server;
  • the presence of a large assortment of goods – when creating multi-page sites with a wide variety of categories, the option of buying a server will also become logical.
  • high-speed Internet access – it is possible to install and maintain a server in the data center, or you have your own server room with access to high-speed Internet.

Thus, this solution should be offered to online stores with a large assortment, large companies and online platforms containing significant amounts of media content. In all other cases, it is quite possible to give preference to rent.


Most website owners opt to rent rather than purchase a server. There are several reasons for this:

  • budget savings;
  • scalability;
  • quality of work;
  • Maintenance.

For many companies, the choice between options comes down to money, and for new projects, renting a server is not only economical, but also expedient from the point of view of the correct distribution of the budget. Buying a real server, you will provoke significant costs of funds and working time of employees.

Ensuring the operation of your own server requires hiring additional staff, and when renting this need is simply eliminated. In addition, you significantly save on electricity and get a resource that will be available from anywhere.

In addition to savings, an additional advantage is the possibility of expanding the amount of memory and equipment capacity, or renting a more powerful server. If the project shows high growth rates, you can always order another more advanced package of services without any problems.

It is equally important that hosting providers who care about their reputation equip servers with quality components and conduct testing. Tenants will only have to install the software and configure the equipment. When purchasing a server, debugging will provoke numerous difficulties.

Another significant factor is the availability of maintenance. In case of unforeseen situations, the constant work of data centers is provided, whose representatives will help to quickly solve the problem. Also, preventive maintenance and equipment replacement remain on the side of the provider, and when buying a server, these worries would fall on the shoulders of the owner. In fact, all responsibility for the vital activity and stable operation of the web resource is assigned to the hosting provider.


Among the main advantages that should be added to the benefits of renting a server before buying it are:

  • no costs associated with collocation – each hosting provider provides specialized premises that provide protection against unauthorized access, a fire system, backup power and proper climatic conditions;
  • additional useful services – free site transfer, domain registration, are included in the set of basic offers;
  • minimizing the risk of failures – the presence of high capacities and alternative options in case of failures become a guarantee that the website will work with a minimum probability of falling;
  • prompt installation – average installation time is from 1-2 hours if the required server is available;
  • control panels – if necessary, you can use VestaC or CPanel control panels;
  • the ability to add an unlimited number of additional IP addresses — basic administration packages include this service;
  • test period – there is always the opportunity to personally verify the quality of the provider’s services in order to choose the appropriate package of offers in the future;
  • security – physical location in reliable data centers and high-quality equipment become a guarantee of the safety of confidential information.

Many providers  offer lease of a dedicated server in Europe (Netherlands), thanks to which the content remains safe in the legal sphere.

You can always re-order new services (for example, paid administration) to ensure the smooth operation of the online resource. Initially, each server has the ability to customize according to individual parameters, that is, you get a flexible platform that will be easy to adapt to specific business needs.

You can get advice and professional assistance not only directly when renting a server, but also at the stage of selecting a suitable tariff or during a test period.