Are you looking to spruce up your commercial space?

Painting the interior and exterior of a commercial building is a wise investment. After all, it only takes 7 seconds for a customer to form a first impression from your business premises.

To make the best impressions, you need a flawless finish, and it’s not as simple as painting a home. If you’re not a professional, it can be hard to get the desired results to make a splash with clients. Paisley Painting is known for their quality workmanship when it comes to commercial painting in Orlando.

Don’t worry; that’s where Melbourne commercial painters can help! Keep reading for these 8 reasons you should hire professional painters to get the job done.

1. Saves Money

As with anything to do with commercial property, you need to set a budget and stick to it. If you do the painting yourself, you could blow your painting budget with ease.

A good Melbourne painting contractor can help save you money. First off, they buy their supplies wholesale, getting the best prices on paint and tools.

This helps keep their quote affordable and their quality high. You won’t have to waste money on extra supplies if you mess up and need to redo everything.

Hiring a professional might seem like a big expense in the short term, but long term, it’ll save you a lot of money. Especially if you have a set budget to work with and still want a finish you can be proud of.

2. High-Quality Finish

By choosing a commercial painting service, you’ll have the best techniques and tools. That’s how professional painters get the high-quality results they do.

They will use the best quality and durability paint to keep your walls protected for years. They also get those clean lines without the chips, debris, and flakes that come with DIY efforts.

With humidity levels in Melbourne reaching over 70% at times, they also know how to cure the paint. They’ll be able to tell you how long you need to let it dry for, and how many coats you need. It takes out any of the guesswork.

3. Help Choosing the Right Color 

With appearance playing a big part in its success, the color you choose is important. Melbourne painters are professionals and likely have worked similar commercial jobs.

This gives them a wealth of knowledge to help you avoid any mistakes when choosing a color. After all, it’s rare for the swatches to match what’s up on the wall.

A professional will help you pick the right commercial color for the intended result. They can also make sure you get that color when it comes to applying the paint on the wall.

4. Attention to Detail

If you want to hire painters in Melbourne, it’s likely because you aren’t one yourself. As such, without that experience and knowledge, there won’t be the same attention to detail with a DIY job.

Both Melbourne interior painters and Melbourne exterior painters have training in commercial jobs. They’re trained to do an expert job and to get the best results, after all, it’s how they make their living.

Because of this, they won’t make those frustrating mistakes that could set you back. From color choice to planning the job to cleaning up at the end, no detail will go ignored.

5. Timely Project Completion

A DIY job will be time-consuming, especially if you’re not confident in what you’re doing. If you’re working in a busy office, for example, a long period of disruption won’t make your tenants happy.

Professional painters will give you a specified time frame and get it done. Because of their experience, tools, and skills, they’ll work with more efficiency too. Thus, your tenants can get back to business as usual faster or you can put it up for rental sooner rather than later.

6. Stress & Hassle-Free

It’ll surprise you how much stress and conflict a commercial paint job can cause. If it’s taking too long, your tenants won’t be happy. If you keep having to fix mistakes, you won’t be happy.

It doesn’t take much for the job to go bad, with issues like spilled paint or the wrong shade. Professionals know the pitfalls and plan to avoid them. They put in place processes that make the job as easy and smooth as possible.

7. Insurance Protection

Professionals will have the right insurance in place to protect you. If you’ve done your due diligence before hiring a professional commercial painter. This keeps your property safe and keeps a liability off you if a painter gets injured on site.

Any damage caused will get paid by the contractors, so you don’t have to worry about the repair bill. But, there could be conditions that apply here. Discuss it with your chosen painter before you hire them to make sure you know where you stand.

8. Guarantees on the Work Quality

We’ve spoken a lot about mistakes in DIY painting, and here is another fact. If you do make a mistake, no one else is there to fix it but you.

With a reputable contractor, they’ll guarantee the quality of the job. If there’s a mistake (which isn’t likely), this guarantee ensures they will rectify it. You get the final approval on the job and can make sure it’s up to standard.

This is why it’s important to check a contractor’s warranty and guarantee procedure. Make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re getting before you sign any contract.

9. Professional Skills

As well as having the proper tools and materials, professionals have the right skills too. Melbourne commercial painters specialize in the preparation and painting process.

The skills you can expect go far beyond those of a DIY amateur. They’ll know when to use a roller, and what size paintbrush will work for a specific area. These skills then turn into longevity, ensuring the paint job lasts with no need to repaint soon.

10. No Worries About Cleaning Up

Once a painting project is complete, there’s usually a lot of clean-up to do. Professionals can save time and effort, as they know how to dispose of materials like paint the right way.

They’ll remove the painting sheets and vacuum up any dried paint flecks. With the space left as clean as they found it, you can stand back and admire their handiwork.

Melbourne Commercial Painters: Know What You’re Getting

So, there you have it! Now you know the benefits of hiring Melbourne commercial painters.

If you want your commercial building to stand out to potential tenants, looks count. Modern businesses want a sleek, professional office space to wow customers and clients. So you need to wow them with the best paint job possible.

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