There are two types of business telephone numbers that many firms would like to have. According to one leading supplier of business phone numbers, Cleartone Communications, these are ones with either an 0207 local area code or 0800 numbers. Both have distinct advantages over other sorts of numbers, especially when you compare them to mobile phone numbers. How do they stack up against one another, though? Read on to find out whether buying an 0800 number, an 0207 number or even both would be in your firm’s best interests.

The Benefits of 0207 Business Numbers

To begin with, nearly everyone who phones businesses in the UK will know that and 0207 number is one that has a London area code. In the past, 0207 numbers related to inner London while 0208 numbers related to outer London. That’s no longer the case but 0207 still has the prestige of a central London location attached to it in many people’s eyes. With an 0207 business number, firms in any location in the country can make it seem as though they operate from the capital.

Even better, small companies and small traders can publish a London number that makes it seem as though they can afford the high rental prices associated with the capital’s office space. In turn, this gives a professional impression that many people will associate with success, financial stability and permanence. Why go to the time and expense of actually renting offices in London when you can derive most of the benefits of doing so with a virtual 0207 number instead?

Remember, too, that it is not just callers in the UK who will think a company with an 0207 business number sounds professional. This is because overseas firms and individuals will gain the same impression more often than not. In short, 0207 numbers have just about the most recognised local area code you could opt for when promoting your business internationally.

The Advantages of Publishing an 0800 Phone Number

Like 0207 numbers, virtual 0800 business telephone numbers can redirect callers to any landline or mobile phone number you like. Callers won’t know that their call is being transferred because this happens seamlessly in the background. However, unlike an 0207 number, most callers will recognise an 0800 business number as being free to call. Although 0207 numbers can be included within a call plan allowance and not charged for, 0800 numbers are always free to call from the UK.

Consequently, any company that puts an 0800 number on its website, sales literature or business cards can expect an upturn in the number of calls it receives. This is very good if you want to augment your sales pipeline by getting more enquiries from would-be customers. Some firms receive as many as three times the number of phone calls they used to when they have purchased an 0800 number. 

Of course, another differentiator between an 0207 number and a freephone number is that the latter isn’t geographical at all. This way, you can give your company a more national presence and operate in every region of the UK no matter where you might happen to be based.