Are you familiar with the Heardle game. Heardle is an online song-guessing game. It took its first song from the 1960s. However, it now includes songs from other decades. This game is web-based and you can find the website where you can enter your guess. This game has received worldwide attention.

Learn all you need to know about the 00S Heardle and get your answers today.

The game

Wordle gave birth to the popular game Heardle. Wordle allows you each day to guess a word. Heardle, on other hand, is a game that allows you to guess the right songs. It can be played once daily and answers can be shared on social media.

There were many guesses and people were thrilled to hear about the heardle today. 00S Heardle Today’s many people have made guesses, such as Raise your glass and Say So, from well-known artists. However, these songs may not be the right answer.

The correct answer to today’s Heardle? Sympathy For The Devil by The Rolling Stones.

As you can see, there were many guesses that were incorrect about the song. Understanding the song’s basic rules and the hints can prevent this. This will help you make intelligent guesses that lead to the correct answer.

Heardle: Hints and Tips

Each day the Heardle is posted, there are many clues or hints posted for the audience. Today’s 00S Heardle had clues for the participants. Although it wasn’t an easy task, some people misplaced their guesses. To move forward, you must not only follow the clues but also the rules. Can you guess the correct guess? If you think you know the answer, please read on.

You can find the clues below.

  • Samba Rock is what the song belongs to.
  • 1968 is the album’s release date.
  • Beggars Banquet was where the album was featured.
  • Guns N’ roses’ cover version became a hit.

00S Heardle

It is obvious that the clues and rules for the game can be confusing. This makes it difficult to learn the game and give the correct answer. These rules will help you better understand the game.

  • There are six possibilities to guess the right song.
  • For every wrong guess, there is a cross added to its side
  • The player must listen to the intro for the song of 60 seconds
  • You can skip or give incorrect answers, which will reveal more of the song.
  • It is essential to try to answer as few questions as possible.


00S Heardle has all the information regarding the song guessing game Heardle. It also includes the answer and clues for today’s heardle.